Undergrad Research

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Center for Community Research and Development (CCRD) manages all of our active polls online through the cloud-based Sona internet platform. The Sociology department subject pool website is located at: https://socsc.sona-systems.com.

Please see below for a few brief instructions explaining how to register for and use the Sona website.


Student registration is currently available only to registered Baylor students. New research participants (students) can create an account on their own by clicking on the “Request Account” option at the right portion of the log-in web page, and providing the required information. Please remember to indicate the Sociology class in which you are currently enrolled from the drop down menu when registering, as several Sociology classes have research requirements specified by the instructor, and all of these are organized by this website.

Participants can then sign up for research studies and view their schedule and records by signing onto the website. After signing in, participants can click on "Study Sign-Up." This will take them to the list of available polls, which are organized by date. All studies take place in the CCRD, located in the Leuschner Building on the second floor. After signing up for the experiment, it will be visible under the "My Schedule" menu option.


If students wish to drop out of a poll they have signed up for, they can do so by clicking the cancel button next to the appropriate poll under the "My Schedule" menu. Sessions must be dropped 24 hours prior to their scheduled time to avoid receiving a "No Show," which may negatively impact a student’s course credit requirements.

Show/No Show

If participants attend their scheduled session, they will subsequently receive credit for participating. This credit is called a "Show." If they do not attend, they will receive a "No Show." “No Shows” are added to the participant's record, and will be included on the final report to their instructors. Participants can keep track of the number of "Shows" and "No Shows" they have obtained by referring to their participation information once they have signed in.

If participants have a valid reason for missing an experiment session, they should contact the researcher in charge of the experiment whose email address is listed at the bottom of the Sona sign-in page.