Past Sociology Student Participants

The following list is a selection of past sociology students that have participated in the CCRD program, as well as the careers they have pursued upon graduation.

Michael Lotspiech-Yadao,a 2021 graduate, is a Research Scientist, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Yadao's dissertation was Three manuscripts on the relationship between entrepreneurial ecosystems, and the resiliency and growth of military veteran-owned firms in the rural United States.

Bethany Smith, a 2020 graduate, is a Research Analyst at Ken Consulting INC in Bowie, Maryland. Dr. Smith's dissertation was Educational Trajectories During the Great Recession Effects of Community, Homeownership and Race.

Jake Kane, is a Macroeconomic research analyst/appraiser in training at Paul Hornsby & Company (real estate appraisal firm in Austin , TX. Thesis was The Politics of Pot - Marijuana Use and the Potential for Collective Action - 2018. His projects in CCRD were the dyadic patient/caregiver study on behalf of Baylor Scott & White Hospitals, our early childhood development health outcomes survey of Mclennan County and SACs accreditation evaluation of graduating seniors on behalf of Baylor University in the Spring of 2017 & 2018.

Justin Nelson, a 2019 graduate, joined the faculty of Campbell University in 2018 as assistant professor of sociology. He teaches courses in sociology, including Principles of Sociology, Exploring Underserved Communities, and Sociology of Education. His dissertation was Understanding addiction: A Sociology Analysis of Technological Device Addiction and Attachment in the Digital Age.

Emily Hunt Hinojosa, a 2018 graduate, is a research Fellow at the Insatiate for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virgina. Dr. Hinojosa's dissertation was The Complexity of Disadvantage: Examining the Effects of Moral Ecology on Adolescent Academic Achievement.

Dr. Su Jin Kang, a 2017 graduate, is a research analyst for Center for Health and Bioscience at Baker Institute, Houston Texas. Dr. Kang's primary research involves quantitative and qualitative data analyses of neglected tropical diseases and vaccination issues in the US and the globe.

Dr. Jasmine Wise, a 2017 graduate, is founder and CEO of Prosper Projects, a Project Management Firm in Atlanta, Ga. Her time spent at the CCRD and Baylor University taught her how to manage various projects simultaneously. Prosper Projects specializes in individual and small business projects.

Dr. Brittany Fitz Chapman, a 2016 graduate, is the Director of Data and Research for Prosper Waco, a collective impact initiative in Waco, Texas. Dr. Fitz-Chapman’s primary responsibilities include maintaining community-level indicators, coaching organizations on data collection and usage, and conducting evaluations on programs receiving the initiative’s support. 

Dr. Jeffrey Tamburello, a 2016 graduate, is a Senior Social Science Analyst in the Research Support Group at the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s Health Care Team. His training at Baylor and his work in the CCRD prepared him well for his work at GAO – coordinating qualitative and quantitative research efforts in support of congressional oversight of the federal agencies and programs that tangibly affect the lives of all Americans.

Dr. Katie Arnhart, a 2015 graduate, is a Senior Research Analyst for the Federation of State Medical Boards. Katie continues to use skills learned at the CCRD to help state medical boards ensure public safety through survey research and data analysis. Her role also contributes in assessing  performance on the United States Medical Licensing Exam, healthcare workforce characteristics and physician discipline.

Dr. Phil Davignon graduated from Baylor in 2014. He is an assistant professor and department chair at Union University in Jackson, TN. His teaching and research interests include religion, morality, and human flourishing.

Dmac Dr. Debbie McMahon received her doctorate in 2013 and is the Coordinator of Assessment and Program Improvement for the Baylor University Libraries. She designs, coordinates and promotes assessment activities in the Library. She collects and analyzes qualitative and quantitative data for assessment, providing support for strategic planning and program improvement initiatives within the division.