Educational Outreach

CASPER offers exceptional educational and research opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students. CASPER's research/education paradigm remains uppermost in all research project team meetings which can at times include participants ranging from high school students through postdoctoral fellows/research faculty.

Graduate students within CASPER are supported by CASPER, the department of physics, external funding, research contracts or some combination. In addition, NASA/Texas Space Grant Consortium Fellowships are available for both graduate and undergraduate students pursuing a degree at Baylor University in any of the research areas pursued within the Center. CASPER Internships during the fall, spring and summer semesters are also available.

CASPER Summers, one of the Center's ongoing outreach initiatives, offers undergraduates and K-12 teachers the opportunity to join a CASPER research team to become involved in basic research, engineering and design conducted in a University research environment. As an added benefit, CASPER RET Fellows within the program can choose to be involved in the development of curriculum modules for the public school system allowing infusion of the CASPER paradigm into the K-12 classroom.

Information concerning any of the above should be directed to Truell Hyde.

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