London Mathematical Society - Minisymposium

DateSeptember 2-4, 2013
Location Kingston University, London, UK

The LMS Minisymposium
This minisymposium will examine advanced decomposition methods with respect to discretisation for evolution equations. Typically the equation being considered here is systems of parabolic equations with applications to transport phenomena, heat transfer models, micro heat transfer problems, financial and economic problems, and medical applications. The decomposition to be considered includes three different aspects, which include (1) spatial decomposition in the form of decoupling of the spatial axes, (2) temporal decomposition induced by transformation and Lie group, and (3) decomposition within micro-scale computational domains. All decomposition algorithms exploited at this minisymposium will be tested against modern parallel or distributed computer architectures in order to ensure efficient use of their computational capabilities.

This LMS minisymposium will be operated under the auspices of the 12th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering, and Sciences (DCABES2013) (See also and held at the same venue at Kingston University, 2-4 September 2013. The local organizer for DCABES2013 is Prof. Souheil Khaddaj, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Compuitng, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2EE.

The programme of this LMS meeting consists of invited talks, contributed talks, a poster session, short PhD project presentations, and a panel session on the third day. The panel session will be held on day three in the morning, consisting of all invited speakers as the panel members, on the future trend of decomposition techniques and their numerical properties on parallel and distributed computing environments.

Call for Papers and Participation

Paper submission due: 10/05/2013. A short paper of no more than four pages to be submitted via the DCABES2013 conference submission site.

Important note: For LMS minisymposium participants please add to the end of your paper title this "(Decomposition Methods)" in order for papers to be allocated by the DCABES2013 organizer to appropriate reviewers.

Notification of acceptance: 24/05/2013; Camera ready paper submission: 10/06/2013.

Registration: On or before 31/07/2013

Proceedings publication: Please see DCABES2013 conference submission site.

Post-conference journal publication: Authors presenting their papers at this LMS minisymposium will be invited to submit an extended version of the presented paper to the special issue entitled 'Advanced Decomposition Methods for PDEs' of the Journal of Algorithms and Computational Technology for review and publication.

Prof. Choi-Hong Lai
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
University of Greenwich
London SE10 9LS
Tel. +44 20 8331 8712
Prof. Qin Sheng
Department of Mathematics
Baylor University
Waco, TX 76798-7328
Tel. +1 254 710 1241 E-mail:
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