Call for Workshops

Hello from The Great State of Texas! 

On behalf of the Planning Committee for the 41st Annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government, we want officially invite students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members to submit a workshop or a poster proposal to present at the 41st Annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government from March 1-3! The conference is hosted at Baylor in Waco, TX and we are excited to host some interactive, engaging and innovative workshops that will supplement what is learned at this prestigious leadership development conference.

This year’s theme is Sankofa “Our Past, Our Present, Our Future. The Big XII Conference on Black Student Government’s mission statement is: to provide strong, determined and courageous leadership and advocacy to affect our social and academic environments toward consideration of this community's collective concerns and issues where it pertains to the educational, socio-cultural, economic, and spiritual well-being of this community. Workshops should utilize the theme and the conference mission statement to organize effective learning outcomes for participants at the conference.


Workshop Application