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Linda Adams, Political Science William Cooper, Dean of College of Arts & Sciences Debra Andrist, Modern Foreign Languages Bob Baird, Chair of Task Force Bill Bellinger, Religion Larry Browning, Education Marianna Busch, Chemistry Raymond Cannon, Mathematics Tom Charlton (ex officio), Assistant VP for Academic Affairs Randy Todd, BIC Director (1995-1998) Donald D. Schmeltekopf, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs Jennifer Fish Pastoor, Assistant Director (1995-1998) Scott Moore, Assistant Director (1995-1996) Jan Granowski Quesada- Assistant Director (1996-1998) Wallace Daniel, History Sandra Genrich, Nursing Steven Green, Economics Tom Hanks, English Duane Ireland, Management Kent Keeth, Libraries Larry Lyon, Sociology Gordon McQuere, Music David Hendon, BIC Director (1998-2008) Lenore Wright- Assistant Director (1998-2003) Kirsten Escobar- Assistant Director (1998-2003) Jim Nolen, Computer Science Ben Pierce, Biology Douglas Rogers (ex officio), Education Anne Marie Schultz, BIC Director (2008-Present) Mark Long- Faculty Assistant Director (2008-2014) Claudette Jackson- Assistant Director (2003-2007) Tami Nutt- Assistant Director (2003-2007) Melanie Nogalski - Assistant Director (2007-Present) Hillary Train- Assistant Director (2007-2013) Adam Moore- Assistant Director (2013- Present) Jason Whitlark- Faculty Assistant Director (2014-Present) Elizabeth Dell Lori Brand Bateman Paula Unger Diane Haun- Office Mangaer (2005-2008) Theresa Hagan- Office Manager (2008-2012) Millie Hubbard- Office Manager (2012-Present) Kathryn Hamill- Inaugural Admission Analyst (2013-2016) Christopher Moore- Inaugural Academic Advisor (2017-Present) Courtenay Klauber- Admissions Analyst (2016-2017) Diana Castillo- Admission Analyst (2017-Present)

Baylor Interdisciplinary Core

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