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Frame/s is the BIC student publication--a print publication organized and designed by students and with content developed by students. Not an academic journal, Frame/s is rather a place for a diversity of content organized around a common theme. Short essays, photography, personal essays, illustration, poetry, and other creative content comes together to make Frame/s a publication unlike any other at Baylor. 

We are currently accepting proposals for content for the second edition. If you would like to be a part of this journey you can submit a proposal to us. The proposal must be a max of 250 words and describe your ideas considering the theme. Proposals can include pitches for short essays, photograph submissions or photo essays, poetry, collages, drawings, etc. Send your proposal to

With the theme of Connection, we want to explore how people connect both in the online and offline settings. How does connection affect or is affected by tradition, language, culture and religion? How do we form connections through community, family, and friends? How does connection form the relationships within those spheres of our lives? We also want to explore the lack of connection, whether that be caused by a lack of infrastructure or the missing connections between people.

We are excited to receive your contribution!


The first edition of Frame/s was published in spring of 2019. Each edition is organized around a theme. See the issues and themes below: 

1st Edition: Identity

2nd Edition: Connection

Frames Editorial Board

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Emily Wilson

João Moraes

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