Peer Instructors- Rhetoric

BIC Peer instructors are upper level BIC students who assist freshman and professors in the first year BIC course of World Culture and Rhetoric. It is a paid position in which each student is assigned to a small group class to aid the professor and students throughout the semester by taking attendance, grading assignments, providing review sessions for tests, and hosting office hours every week for students to come in and get help. Being a PI is a rewarding opportunity to get to know and help younger members of the BIC community, while also getting to work more closely with the BIC faculty.

Undergraduate Student Peer Instructors
Chloe Caballero

Class: Senior
Major: Professional Writing & Rhetoric (Pre-Law)


Lauren Roe

Class: Senior
Major: University Scholar (HON)


Nate Rowan

Class: Junior
Major: Statistics and Sociolog


Priya Chandna

Class: Senior
Major: Neuroscience


Graduate Assistant
Gregory Jon Abel

Program: Graduate School
Area of Study: Communication


Assigned PIs per Section

Section 1: Ballard TR 8 (in person)—Nate

Section 2: Ballard TR 9:30 (in person)—Lauren

Section 3: Allan TR 9:30 (online)—Lauren

Section 4: Hoover TR 11 (in person)—Jon

Section 5: Spitzer-Hanks TR 11 (online)—Priya

Section 6: Carney TR 12:30 (online)—Nate

Section 7: Spitzer-Hanks TR 2 (online)—Chloe

Section 8: Carney MW 2:30 (online)—Priya

Section 9: Nave TR 3:30 (online)—Chloe

Section 10: Whitenton MW 2:30 (online)—Priya

Section 11: Hoover TR 3:30 (in person)—Chloe

Section 12: Whitenton TR 12:30 (online)—Nate

Section 13: Walden TR 2 (in person)—Jon

Section 14: Spitzer-Hanks TR 9:30 (online)—Lauren

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