The Examined Life

THE EXAMINED LIFE sequence seeks to provide students with the skills and knowledge to make a successful transition into college from high school and to enable them to form connections between their lives in the university and their lives in the wider community. This three-course sequence guides students in making sound life choices for personal wellness through self-reflection, critical thinking, and decision-making.

The Examined Life I: Human Development & College Life- First Year, Fall Semester

Introduces students to the goals, structure, and rationale of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core as well as the academic life of the University. The fundamental aim of this forum is to present the value of the life of the mind, the importance of becoming an active learner, and the rewards of life-long learning. Participants will discuss ways that the life of the mind enriches the Christian life and the lives of adherents of other religious traditions. In addition, the course seeks to empower students to choose lifestyles that promote individual, relational, and community vitality. Students enrich their personal capacities for making life choices and achieving personal wellness through critical examination of human decision-making processes and wisdom literature, and through reflective introspection. Opportunities for greater physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational awareness are provided so that the student can plot new pathways for scholarship, self-discovery interdependency and citizenship.

The Examined Life II: Biblical Heritage & Contemporary Ethical Issues- Third Year, Spring Semester

Engages in an in-depth study of selected texts from the Old and New Testaments and examines the approaches and resources used today and throughout Christian history in such study. Biblical perspectives on such issues as human rights and environmental concerns will be examined to provide a bridge between the literary/cultural settings of the Bible and contemporary human experience.

Examined Life III: Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Capstone (Specific Degree Plans)- Fourth Year, Spring Semester

Represents the culmination both of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core experience and of the undergraduate experience. By integrating learning, values, and application, this course will bridge the gap between undergraduate life and life after graduation, leading students to form connections between their lives in the university and their lives in the wider community.


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