BIC Courses


Typical Baylor courseloads are 12 to 18 hours per semester; the courses listed below comprise the BIC portion of each semester's schedule. Not all students take every BIC class--the specific requirements are dependent on the student's particular major. In addition to their BIC courses, BIC students will take classes in a number of areas:

  1. Their required math and foreign language courses, which are not covered by BIC general studies
  2. Required prerequisites or core courses for a program of study, such as pre-medical preparation and the pre-business core
  3. Courses in a major/minor
  4. Electives

The listing of BIC courses below is arranged by semesters. For more detailed information on the course sequences mentioned below, please choose the sequence from the box to the right. For a concise printable overview, click here: BIC Course Descriptions

First Year, Fall Semester

  • BIC 1112 Examined Life I: Human Development & College Life
  • BIC 1314 World Cultures I: Roots of Culture
  • BIC 1313 The World of Rhetoric I: Writing & Speaking

First Year, Spring Semester

  • BIC 1324 World Cultures II: Religion & Culture
  • BIC 1323 The World of Rhetoric II: Rhetoric in Context

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester

  • BIC 2334 World Cultures III: The Modern World
  • BIC 2330 Social World I: The City & the Soul
  • BIC 2437 Natural World I: Primary Ideas in Science

Sophomore Year, Spring Semester

  • BIC 2344 World Cultures IV: The United States in the World
  • BIC 2340 Social World II: The Conditions & Possibilities of Human Fulfillment
  • BIC 2447 Natural World II: Global Science Issues

Junior Year, Spring Semester

  • BIC 3358 Examined Life II: Biblical Heritage & Contemporary Ethical Issues

Senior Year, Fall Semester

  • BIC 4374 World Cultures V: Differing Visions & Realities

Senior Year, Spring Semester

  • BIC 4389 Examined Life III: Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Capstone

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