Baylor in Italy

Summer 2019-  Session 1


Interest Meeting: Wednesday, Nov 7th from 4-5pm in Morrison 102.

*NOTE: This year there are two options for Summer Session 1 and the components of each option cannot be taken together

Option 1- Anthropology-Archaeology Field Project:

Drs. Colleen and Davide Zori will lead an Anthropology-Archaeology Field Project with a potential for getting 6 credits of 4000-level Anthropology, with option for: BIC 4374 World Cultures V credit. Students can get World Cultures V credit by doing additional assignments that supplement the fieldschool experience.


Option 2- Immersion Trip

Dr. Charles McDaniel will be leading a trip to Italy where you will be visiting some of the most beautiful and sacred sites in all of Italy. This trip offers two courses:

  • BIC 3358 Biblical Heritage and Contemporary Issues
  • BIC 4389 Capstone: Constantinian Christianity and the Redirection of Pilgrimage

What do students have to say? 

“Baylor in Italy was truly the experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to learn about another culture through everyday interactions with citizens and excursions to different cities was invigorating and extremely rewarding. Having our professors by our side also enhanced the experience, as they shared with us their knowledge and their excitement. Participating in Baylor in Italy gave me new close friends and lifelong memories.” -Ashley Dyer