Few programs at Baylor have as many leadership opportunities as the BIC. Leadership is an important part of both learning and teaching. The BIC offers a variety of ways for students to take on responsibility and shape the program. 

BIC Leadership Council

The BIC Leadership Council is a student leadership organization that students can join as soon as they arrive at Baylor made up of roughly eighteen students. This organization creates a variety of unique events to strengthen the unity of the entire BIC community. 


Peer Instructors

Peer Instructors (PIs) are upper level students that are paid to serve as assistances to professors and tutors to students in the freshman World Cultures and World of Rhetoric sequences. These students have a unique opportunity to work alongside both freshman and professors. PIs are an invaluable part of the freshman experience in the BIC as they not only help students through their classes, but also their transition to college.


Examined Life Mentors

Examined Life Mentors are another group made up of students with Sophomore standing or higher. This program is focused on allowing upper level students to serve as guides for freshman in one of the Examine Life small group classes. It allows for strong connections to be formed between students of all standing in the BIC.


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate Research Assistants are upper level BIC students who have the opportunity to assist BIC professors with their original ongoing research projects. This is a by professor request paid position that allows undergraduate students to work a maximum of 5 hours a week and delve on a variety of tasks depending on each professor's research topic.