Opportunities in BIC

In the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) we embrace opportunities and challenge students to be active members of our community and the entire world.


Few programs at Baylor have as many leadership opportunities as the BIC. The BIC Leadership Council, Peer Instructors, Examine Life Mentors, and Research Assistants are opportunities for students to support and shape the BIC community through both academics and leadership from their freshman year until graduation.

Connect with Alumni

The BIC community is not just made up of current students. Beyond the BIC, hosted by the BIC Leadership Council, is something we do in order to connect with BIC alumni. Whether it is through our yearly homecoming speaker, our alumni mentors program, or our alumni interview initiatives, students can connect with and learn from a diverse group of alumni in a variety of ways.


In addition to learning from fellow students and alumni, the BIC believes in learning from the world around us. It is because of this goal that the BIC has created four excursions built into the World Cultures Curriculum to help students be active learners. These trips take students to religious and cultural sites in Temple, Fort Worth, Dallas, and Addison to learn directly from people at these locations.

Study Abroad

Finally, The BIC whole-heartedly supports its students in studying abroad. In addition to helping its students go on any one of Baylor's fantastic study abroad trips, the BIC itself offers several classes through Baylor in Greece, Baylor in Italy, and Baylor at Saint Andrews in Scotland.

We live in an interdisciplinary world; your education should be too!