BIC & Other Programs

The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core can enhance most any major or program at Baylor. BIC exposes students to an interactive and interdisciplinary curriculum that both supplements and supports a student's major studies. Students integrate most BIC courses into their freshman and sophomore years. Coming from nearly all majors at Baylor, BIC students also have all manner of career goals. Prospective students often ask how BIC works with the various majors and programs discussed below. We hope this information helps to show how BIC can work well with the many diverse educational programs at Baylor. Please click on the links for more detailed information, including video interviews with current and recent BIC students.
BIC and the Honors Program

Many students choose to participate in both BIC and the Honors Program. Since both of these programs are in the Honors College, these programs are intended to work well together.

BIC and Business

BIC enhances the Baylor business curriculum by giving business students a unique international perspective, while also helping to develop strong writing and communications skills.

BIC and Pre-Law

BIC enhances the Pre Law track by exposing students to seminar style classes with heavy critical thinking components. The academic rigor and specialized curriculum prepare students well for a law school experience.

BIC and Pre-Med

In Pre-Med classes students will receive education on the science of medicine; however health care cannot be separated from the human element. BIC empowers students to develop cultural and communication skills that are vital for success in the medical field. BIC students also develop an ability to understand the complexity of the social problems facing today's world.

BIC and Others

If you are interested in learning about how BIC fits with your major or area of interest please email: Dr.