About Us

The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core (BIC) is one of the programs in the Honors College at Baylor University. It offers Baylor students the opportunity to receive credit for general studies requirements by completing a challenging and diverse curriculum. The BIC curriculum focuses on primary texts, student-professor interaction, and a community of learners.

The BIC is a unique, alternative way for students to explore Baylor's core curriculum. Instead of taking the University's traditional general education requirements (separate classes in English, history, religion, philosophy, and political science, for example), BIC students learn about these subjects through integrated coursework and engaged learning components, studying how these subjects intersect and influence the development of the world's cultures.

Fulfillment of most general education requirements is met through completion of World Cultures, Examined Life, World of Rhetoric, Social World, and Natural World sequences. The BIC curriculum is a challenging and integrated study of humanities, social sciences, and the physical sciences designed to provide context with which to better understand our world today. Students advance through this coursework in a learning community focused on small group discussion and the reading of primary texts. For example, instead of reading about Plato, BIC students actually read Plato's works.

Because BIC courses are team-taught, students may benefit from the diversity in professors' approaches. For example, a student may learn from (1) a professor from history about the historical context of Plato's work; (2) a professor from philosophy about the philosophical points Plato makes; and (3) a professor from English about the literary components of the work.

Thus, the BIC curriculum substitutes for the core curriculum and gives students exposure to excellent professors passionate about their fields of study. The BIC curriculum is completed largely during the freshman and sophomore years at Baylor. BIC students represent many of the various majors offered at Baylor, and this diversity greatly enhances the BIC's small group discussions.