BIC Courses

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Typical courseloads are 12 to 18 hours per semester; the courses listed below comprise the BIC portion of each semester's schedule. Not all students take every BIC class--the specific requirements are dependent on the student's particular major. In addition to their BIC courses, BIC students will take classes in a number of areas:

  1. Their required math and foreign language courses, which are not covered by BIC general studies
  2. Required prerequisites or core courses for a program of study, such as pre-medical preparation and the pre-business core
  3. Courses in a major/minor
  4. Electives

The listing below is arranged by semesters. For more information on the course sequences, please choose the sequence from the box to the right. For a concise printable overview, click here: BIC Course Descriptions

First Year, Fall Semester

BIC 1212 Examined Life I: Human Development & College Life
BIC 1314 World Cultures I: Roots of Culture
BIC 1413 The World of Rhetoric I: Writing & Speaking

First Year, Spring Semester

BIC 1324 World Cultures II: Religion & Culture
BIC 1323 The World of Rhetoric II: Rhetoric in Context

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester

BIC 2334 World Cultures III: The Modern World
BIC 2330 Social World I: The City & the Soul
BIC 2437 Natural World I: Primary Ideas in Science

Sophomore Year, Spring Semester

BIC 2344 World Cultures IV: The United States in the World
BIC 2340 Social World II: The Conditions & Possibilities of Human Fulfillment
BIC 2447 Natural World II: Global Science Issues

Junior Year, Spring Semester

BIC 3358 Examined Life II: Biblical Heritage & Contemporary Ethical Issues

Senior Year, Fall Semester

BIC 4374 World Cultures V: Differing Visions & Realities

Senior Year, Spring Semester

BIC 4389 Examined Life III: Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Capstone