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Word Wise explores the history, origin or tall tale behind popular words and phrases. Faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences offer their expertise in understanding how the words were formed or what their true meaning may be. The show offers a look at how language changes and how words evolve. A variety of disciplines are represented in the show, including science, arts, social sciences, film, literature and politics.

The show is produced by the Central Texas NPR affiliate KWBU and Baylor University's College of Arts & Sciences.

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08/23/2010  Bistro (02:36)
This Russian adverb was transformed into a French noun at the conclusion of the War of 1812, when the Russians had defeated the French and advanced all the way to Paris. Dr. Adrienne Harris, assistant professor of Russian tells the story.
08/16/2010  Spirituality (02:57)
We get pretty deep in this episode. "Religion is not identical with spirituality; rather spirituality is the form which religion takes within a person," says Dr. Blake Burleson, associate dean and senior lecturer in religion.
08/09/2010  French (03:21)
What's in a name? An entire history! Dr. Christian Bratu, assistant professor of French and Italian, talks to us about "France."
07/26/2010  Religion (03:17)
Dr. Blake Burleson, senior lecturer in religion, offers a definition of religion that goes beyond the dictionary.
07/19/2010  Climate Change (02:43)
Dr. Dan Peppe, assistant professor of geology, elaborates on climate change.
06/21/2010  Benthos (02:52)
Thanks to technology, we're discovering life forms that show that the benthic zone of lakes and oceans may be just as rich as a tropical rain forest. Dr. Ryan King, associate professor of Biology, explains "benthic."

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