Political Science

What it's all about

Political Science is a major that can cover a lot of territory. From philosophy and history to statistical analysis, political scientists use many resources to help us understand our political world. Political science majors at Baylor survey the writings of great philosophers (such as Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes and Locke), learn about American political history and institutions, study the development of our constitutional law from the founding era to the latest Supreme Court decision, master the techniques of rigorous political analysis, and analyze the causes and effects of political change around the world.

You might take classes such as:

  •  American Constitutional Development
  •  American State and Local Government
  •  The American Presidency
  •  Minority and Ethnic Group Politics
  •  Campaigns and Elections
  •  Government and Politics of Russia
  •  Islam and Democracy

Graduates of this major go on to:

  • attend law school or graduate school
  • take jobs in government such as political analysts, politicians, diplomats, legislative aides or agency specialists.
  • enter careers in businesses as lobbyists or consultants
  • work in the media as journalists, consultants or analysts