What it's all about

Chemistry is the study of the fundamental building blocks of life and nature. In this field, you'll examine components of the atom and learn how those atoms are bonded together to create materials that make up everyday life. Chemistry is often called the “central science” as one learns about atomic and sub-atomic particles from Physics while learning about the organic processes of nature from Biology. To provide a learning experience beyond the traditional classroom environment, the department promotes the involvement of undergraduates in research programs.

You might take classes such as:

  •  Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry
  •  Laboratory Measurements and Techniques
  •  Organic Chemistry
  •  Instrumental Analysis

Graduates of this major go on to:

  •  specialize in research and development
  •  corporate jobs or quality control
  •  attend medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, law school and graduate schools
  •  teach