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Academic Publications

ܟܬܒܐ ܩܕܝܫܐ: ܕܝܬܝܩܐ ܚܕܬܐ [The Holy Bible: the New Testament, Translation into Colloquial Aramaic of Tur Abdin] (Turkey: United Bible Societies, 2013).

الكتاب المقدس: العهد الجديد [The Holy Bible: the New Testament, Translation into Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic of Mardin] (Turkey: United Bible Societies, 2012).

"The Earliest Texts of Christian-Muslim Dialogue," Journal of Syriac Language, Literature and Heritage 3:9 (2009) 67-96. [in Arabic]

"Nascent Islam in the Seventh Century Syriac Sources," The Quran in Its Historical Context (ed. Gabriel S Reynolds; New York and London: Routledge, 2007) read 217-222

"Moshe Bar Kepha and the Christian Communities," The Harp: A review of Syriac and Oriental Ecumenical Studies 25 (2002): 161-174. 

The Gospel According to Mark: A Suryoyo Translation (Chicago: Wickliffe Bible Translators/Aramaic Bible Translation, 2001).

"The Originality of Syriac Historiography," The Heirs of Assyria (The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project; Melammu Symposia 1; eds. S. Aro and R. Whiting; Helsinki: University of Helisniki, 2000): read 85-92. 

"The Beginning of West-Syriac Christianity: A Study in Comparitive Historiography," Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society 12 (1999): 17-28.