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Students' Opinions

"Studing Arabic has been one of the highlights of my time at Baylor. As my classmates and I learned to read, write, and speak the language, we also began to understand the Arab culture and worldview. This knowledge and cultural understanding is essential in an interconnected world. Along with the Middle Eastern Studies courses at Baylor, I feel very well prepared to pursue further education and a career in international relations. Arabic is a challenging yet rewarding language to learn, and I strongly recommend Baylor's Arabic program to any student who is interested!"-Sarah Crockett (3rd year Student, Double Major in Arabic and Middle East Studies and International Studies).

"Taking Arabic has enabled me to develop not only a strong understanding of the written and spoken forms of the language, but also a sense of the Arab culture. Because of the crisis of terrorism and the international focus on the Middle East, Arabic offers students unique insights into current world affairs as well. Although it is challenging and unlike any other language, learning Arabic has been a rewarding experience for me." -Josh Verbout (Graduate student).

(Josh has studied Arabic, traveled to the Middle East, and is working on a master's degree in international relations, he was recently hired by the U.S. government in its global war on terrorism.)

"I am taking Arabic because I have a genuine interest in learning the language, not just fulfilling requirements for my major. In two semesters I feel like I have learned a lot and can understand much of the language. I have traveled to the Middle East and may do mission work there in the future, so it will be important to know Arabic. My Arabic class has given me a head start in learning a language that I plan to someday use frequently."-David Balch, (Senior)