Humanities Research Fellows

The Humanities Research Fellows major would help further Baylor’s mission by promoting Baylor’s goal for a transformational education rooted in Christian perspectives. High-ability students who are interested in humanities-related fields will be interested in this type of interdisciplinary approach.

Students in the major will be required to take 38 hours of the Arts & Sciences Unified Core curriculum which provides all A&S students with common knowledge, liberal education skills and virtues. (Note: The courses in the core requires that these students take courses that will qualify them for admission to Phi Beta Kappa.). Furthermore, like all A&S students, Humanities Research Fellows will be required to take the co-curricular requirements of Chapel, Public Service and Philanthropy, and Creative Arts Experiences. This program will produce students interested in the humanities, grounded in a Christian education, for service to their communities and the world.

The 38 hours of coursework solely in the humanities will also help focus this major, providing students with greater depth that will be to their benefit as they apply for post-graduate studies or employment. Graduate schools’ admissions offices and potential employers will value the focus of a particular field of study. Flexibility. Humanities Research Fellows will have 50 hours of open electives so that they can easily take a secondary major or add minors and certificates to their course of study. For example, a Humanities Research Fellow would be able to have a secondary major in Professional Writing and Rhetoric or Economics or Philosophy. High-ability students desire to have these kinds of curricular choices—the more, the better. In addition, Humanities Research Fellows would be able to use their electives to take the courses needed in the PMDV-sequence in order to prepare for Medical, Dental, or Veterinary School. In short, Humanities Research Fellows would provide the perfect balance of focused study and flexibility.

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