Military Studies

A minor in Military Studies may seem like it caters specifically to students who are considering a career with the armed forces, but the lessons in leadership and critical analysis are actual applicable to a wide variety of occupations including business, government, law, education, health services, ministry and others. Courses focus not only on the study of warfare throughout history and around the world but will also look at many factors beyond the traditional battlefield, such as diplomacy, leadership, ethics, health and public service that affect and are affected by military undertakings.

The Military Studies minor requires 18 hours of coursework. Students must take HIS 2370 History of Warfare as part of their studies. Other courses will come from the History, Political Science, Philosophy or Religion departments and applicable elective courses. Course options include:

  • War & Peace in the Middle East
  • The Cold War
  • Ethnopolitical Conflicts
  • Grand Strategy

For more information, visit the Military Studies webpage.