Education Certification - Music Education

The Music Education Certification program is a joint program of the School of Music and the School of Education. A music student who meets requirements for a teacher's certificate must also meet the requirements for a Bachelor of Music Education degree.

The competitive program includes field experiences and on-campus instruction in music and pedagogy. Graduates of the music education program find successful careers in schools throughout the nation.  

Students can choose three tracks of Music Education:

  • Vocal/Keyboard (Choral)
  • String (Instrumental)
  • Wind/Percussion (Instrumental)

All students desiring to pursue a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Arts in Music degree must audition before members of the appropriate applied music faculty for acceptance into the appropriate music degree program.

Student teaching is a component of the Bachelor of Music Education degree and students graduating from the Choral Music program have found teaching careers in public and private schools in Texas and throughout the country.

All majors in the School of Music require ensemble participation. Visit the Ensembles page for more information on the variety of ensemble opportunities available. Every year, the School of Music presents over 300 concerts and recitals.

For more information: Music Education