Poverty Studies and Social Justice

The Poverty Studies and Social Justice minor requires students to complete 18 hours of study including at least 9 hours of upper-level courses. This minor is perfect for students interested in working with diverse and vulnerable populations or that feel called to effect social change and advocate for poverty issues.  Students will take courses on the subjects of poverty and social justice from a variety of academic departments, which provide students with a broad base of knowledge from different perspectives.

Most degree programs at Baylor do not require a student to select a minor area of study.  Students may choose to minor in a field that supplements their major.  Or, they may choose to pursue an area of academic interest completely outside their major. For example, a Family and Child Studies major with a desire to help those in poverty may minor in Poverty Studies and Social Justice.

Courses a student might take include Introduction to the Economics of Poverty and Discrimination, Social Policy and Service, or Foundations of Social Justice.

For more information, contact Rachel Garcia at Rachel_Garcia@baylor.edu.