The Italian minor requires students to complete 18 hours of study with at least 12 hours of upper-level courses. The secondary major in Italian requires students to take a minimum of 30 hours of relevant courses. Italian is a useful complement to an internation career in business, fashion, film, the travel industry, diplomacy, government, journalism and public relations. We offer advanced courses in cinema, gastronomy, pop culture, civilization, language studies and literature.

The Italian program offers many opportunities to study abroad as well as extracurricular activities in order to enhance the learning process. Most notable, Baylor in Tuscany is a summer program offering students the opportunity to earn six hours of college credit in the beautiful and historic city of Florence.

Courses a student might take include:

  • Introduction to Italian Literature
  • Conversation and Composition in Tuscany
  • Italian Food Culture
  • Florence and its Cultural Treasures
  • Italian through Film

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