Educational Psychology

The Educational Psychology minor is for undergraduate students interested in better understanding people and organizational behavior, as well as how to effectively communicate.

The program is available to any undergraduate who is interested or required to as a minor to their degree plan. Students can follow either the communication track or the organizational behavior track.

Most degree programs at Baylor do not require a student to select a minor area of study, but students may choose to minor in a field that supplements their major or may choose to pursue an area of academic interest completely outside their major. For example, a student who is considering a masters in Educational Psychology might choose to minor in it at the undergraduate level to have an introduction to the field before making future academic plans.

The EDP foundational courses include Child Development, Developmental Disabilities and Learning & Development. The remaining 9 hours can be chosen from the Communication or the Organizational Behavior sections of course listings.

Additional courses a student might take include Negotiation/Conflict Resolution, Communication and the Family or Organization Communication.

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