The Chinese language is the key that opens the door to the house of China, which boasts a population of 1.1 billion people and a history of more than four millennia. It offers rare opportunities. The largest segment in the African and Asian Language division, the Chinese Program and Baylor consists of three faculty members, including an exchange professor from Tsinghua University, Beijing. The program offers a structured sequence of instruction in language skills, from the simple to the sophisticated, that help students achieve proficiency in spoken and written Mandarin. The Chinese minor requires students to complete 18 hours of study within the field including 12 hours of upper-level courses. The minor can include language and literature courses, among others.


Most degree programs at Baylor do not require a student to select a minor area of study, but students may choose to minor in a field that supplements their major or may choose to pursue an area of academic interest completely outside their major. For example, a Language and Linguistics major who has a particular interest in Asian languages may choose to minor in Chinese to gain a greater understanding of languages in this region.


Courses a student might take as a part of the Chinese minor include Elementary Chinese, Chinese for Business, or Chinese Literature and Culture.


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