English majors focus on analyzing and interpreting a variety of literature like novels, short stories, essays, poetry and other works of creative writing. The coursework includes a variety of studies including history, politics, arts and culture.

Available courses include:
  • Modern British Literature
  • American Renaissance
  • African American Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • American Literature through Whitman

Baylor’s undergraduate scholarly publication, The Pulse, promotes academic writing among undergraduate students. Students with exceptional writing and research skills can have their work featured.  This can be for their classes or for their Honors or University Scholars theses. The Pulse also provides opportunities for students to gain experience in the publication process.

The critical reading, analytical thinking and clear communication developed as an English major are skills valued by myriad future employers or graduate-level academic programs. Our majors and minors have gone on to succeed in various MA and PhD programs, law schools, and begun successful careers in business, journalism, education and public service.

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