The Classics major is a comprehensive study of ancient Greece and Rome. Consequently, students will have the opportunity to study culture, history and language of Latin and Greek. Students also read ancient writings in their original text. The degree program encourages educational diversity and offers a wide range of electives such as art, history, philosophy and religion. Available courses include:
  • Roman and Greek Civilization
  • Classical Mythology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Principles of Classical Studies
  • Readings from Greek Literature
The Classics Department offers several special programs for students. As part of the Manuscript Research Collegium, the department offers undergraduate researchers the rare opportunity to work first hand with ancient Greek and Latin papyri and medieval manuscripts. The department also offers study abroad opportunities specific to the Classic majors.

Most graduates of the Classics major use their degree to pursue advanced education through graduate school, law school or seminary. The undergraduate degree plan also equips students with the foundation to teach similar material at a K-12 level.

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