The Russian language is used throughout the world and is one of the five official languages of the United Nations. As such, a Russian major is beneficial for those wishing to work in international affairs. The major includes studying the Russian language, culture and history. Students become fluent in written and spoken Russian. Available courses include:

  • Russian Drama
  • Russian Literature
  • Modern Russian Short Story
  • Russian Reading Development
  • Russian Conversation and Composition

Russian is also available as a minor or secondary major for those pursuing a different field of study. Graduates with Russian degrees often pursue graduate school, teach, or work for international corporations.

Study Abroad is highly recommended for all foreign language and international majors. The Russian program offers several study abroad opportunities, including summer, semester and exchange programs.

Baylor offers several Living-Learning Centers which are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together. The Baylor and Beyond Living-Learning Center is one that would be of particular interest to Russian students. It is ideal for students majoring in foreign languages or studies who wish to put their skills into practice, but it is available to students of all majors and classifications. 

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