The Latin major, like the Greek major, is in the Classics Department. It is a rigorous study of the Classic Greek and Roman world. The Latin major focuses on original Latin texts and their cultural impact. Upon graduation, Latin majors are able to read and write in Latin. The coursework includes discussions on philosophy, history and religion.  Available courses include:

  • Roman Civilization
  • Classical Mythology
  • Latin Poetry
  • Latin Studies: Horace
  • Latin Studies: Cicero

Graduates often use their degree as a precursor to graduate studies, law school or seminary. Some have also gone on to teach Latin at various education levels. Latin is also offered as a minor or secondary major for students majoring in a different area of study.

The Classics Department offers several special programs for students. As part of the Manuscript Research Collegium, students have the rare opportunity to work first hand with ancient Greek and Latin papyri and medieval manuscripts.

Studying abroad is another important aspect of learning about different cultures. The Baylor in Italy program is through the Classics Department each summer. It consists of a group of 15-25 students who travel to Italy for an intensive on-site learning experience. This program is especially beneficial to students majoring in Latin. The students visit famed archaeological sites such as Rome, Ostia, Pompeii, Paestum, and Syracuse. These courses introduce the relevant historical and cultural background, and they are taken alongside an upper-level Latin class. 

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