Professional Selling

According to the American Marketing Association, 80% of marketing majors accept a sales position at graduation. The Gates Foundation recognizes sales as a top 5 career choice for 135 of 161 college majors. One key reason is that sales employs the largest number of business professionals and compensation is extremely attractive. Supported by the Center for Professional Selling, Baylor’s Professional Selling major equips students with core skills in selling, managing and growing long-term customer relationships. 

ProSales guarantees placement in paid sales internships and placement prior to graduation for career roles. By competing in sales competitions at Baylor and across the country, students gain real-world sales experiences through high-level, complex role-play scenarios. Competitions, coursework and classroom experiences are the key to 100% placement in such organizations as 3M, BMC, Emser Tile, Fidelity Investments, Johnson & Johnson – Ethicon, Patterson Dental, PwC, Schneider Electric, Shaw Industries, Stryker and UiPath, among others.

Courses in the major include:

  • Professional Selling and Communications 1 & 2
  • Negotiating and Conflict Resolution
  • Marketing Channels 
  • Sales Force Management
  • Sales Internship Class
  • Marketing Analysis and Decision Making

Students can attend Professional Development Program (PDP) activities as freshmen. The PDP is a student-run program that helps students find learning opportunities outside of the classroom, allowing students to increase their understanding of different fields and different career opportunities.

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