Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management major (designated as a pre-major) is a comprehensive study of the way people work in a business. The study includes the hiring process, employee training, conflict resolution and career planning. The program's goal is to train students to be competent human resource specialists who work strategically with organizations to recruit the right talent, motivate them with compensation and make them even more valuable through training and development. The curriculum fully aligns with the standards set by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Available courses include:

  • Negotiating and Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Benefit Planning
  • Employment Law
  • Compensation Management
  • Human Resource Staffing and Labor Relations

Graduates can expect to find careers in any business field. Specialists work with all employees of a business, guiding the staff members through transitions. Graduates might also find positions in recruiting for various businesses.

The HRM major offers students professional development opportunities, such as networking events with HR professionals, consulting projects with real companies, corporate visits, HR guest speakers and one-on-one mentoring program pairing students with HR professionals. Additionally, the Hankamer School of Business offers student exchange and study abroad programs that would be a great experience for any Human Resource Management major. 

Baylor also offers several Living-Learning Centers including the Business & Innovation Living-Learning Center. Living-Learning Centers are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together.  

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