Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering major (designated as a pre-major) is a nationally-recognized program designed for students interested in math and science and the advancement of technology. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) has accredited the Baylor program, which gives ECE students the opportunity to analyze, design and build a variety of devices enabling an understanding of the principles behind modern technologies and prepare them to play a role in shaping the future. Available courses include:

  • Engineering Economics
  • Advanced Digital Logic
  • Robotics
  • Power Electronics
  • Image Formation and Processing
Electrical and Computer Engineering is the largest engineering profession in the workforce today. Baylor graduates have gone on to work for many successful and well-known companies, such as Dell, Trance, AT&T, Southwestern Bell, Motorola, Shell, HP and many others. A number of the students choose to continue their engineering education, both at Baylor and other institutions.

Baylor offers three residential colleges for students wishing to live and invest in a community of students with similar interests. Among these is the Teal Residential College for Engineering and Computer Science located in the East Village residential area.

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