Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies program is a combination of study and research on Spanish- and Portuguese- speaking countries including Central America, South America and Europe. Students will understand the political, cultural and historical issues of the Latin American culture. Available courses include:

  • Latin American Nations and People
  • Traditional Music and Culture in Latin America
  • The History of Gender in Latin America
  • Pre-Columbian Civilizations
  • Inter-American Relations

Students interested in international studies and politics have the option of participating in competitions including Model United Nations, Model Organization of American States and Undergraduate Moot Court. These competitions give students an opportunity to witness and practice what they learn in the classroom.

The Latin American Studies program promotes and encourages academic works in Latin America. It also encourages travel and exchange with institutions of higher learning in Latin America and Spain. Baylor currently offers study abroad programs to several countries in Latin America: Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Argentina. Programs to Spain are also available. More information on study abroad opportunities can be found at the Study Abroad webpage.

Baylor offers several Living-Learning Centers which are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together.  The Baylor and Beyond Living-Learning Center is available for all majors and classifications, but it is ideal for students interested in language, culture and engaging the world around them. 

For more information: Latin American Studies