2021-2022 Application Process


  • Early Decision 1 (binding; for students who commit to attending Baylor if accepted; receive a decision by December 15)
  • Early Action (non-binding; receive a decision by January 15)
  • Early Decision 2 (binding; for students who commit to attending Baylor if accepted; receive a decision by March 1)
  • Regular Admission (non-binding; receive a decision by April 10)

Learn more about applying for a spring semester.


We do not have a preference on which application you choose. To apply using the Baylor Online Application, you start by creating a goBAYLOR account. If you apply with Common App or ApplyTexas, you will get an email to create your goBaylor account after you submit your application. Regardless of your application choice, your goBAYLOR account will be important for tracking your application status and any next steps you might have. This is where we will communicate what is needed to complete your application file and additional enrollment steps for accepted students.

PRO TIP: Whatever email address you apply with will be used to communicate important information throughout the application cycle and in the summer after you graduate. We recommend using a personal, non-school-affiliated email address that you will check often and use long-term.


Your goBAYLOR account will show you exactly what items we have received and what is needed to complete your file by the deadline. Here are the documents that will be included on your checklist.

Be sure to create or activate a goBAYLOR account to track your application status.

If you are applying via the Baylor Online Application, the essay will be available in your goBAYLOR account. If you are applying via the Common Application or ApplyTexas, the essay will be part of your application.

Transcripts must be received or postmarked by the application deadline to be considered for admission.


An official transcript includes the school's official seal or the signature of a school administrator and is either sent directly from the school or submitted in an envelope sealed by the school. Your high school counselor can also email a high school transcript and it will be considered official if submitted from a school email address as verification.


Unofficial transcripts are sufficient to complete your application file; however, please note that final enrollment at Baylor is contingent upon receipt of an official transcript. If you would like to submit an unofficial transcript to complete your application file, simply upload a scanned copy in your goBAYLOR account or email admissions@baylor.edu and include as an attachment.


Electronic copies are only official if they are sent from a secure source (i.e. Parchment, Naviance, TRex, Slate.org, Scribbles, National Clearinghouse, SCOIR and Greenlight). Electronic transcripts are processed in 3-5 days. Copies and faxes are not accepted.

Paper transcripts may be mailed to the following address and are processed in 2-4 weeks. 

Baylor University
Undergraduate Admissions
One Bear Place #97056
Waco, TX 76798


Your transcript must show: 

  • Name
  • Grades received through the end of the junior year
  • GPA

You will see a check mark in your goBAYLOR account after we have reviewed your transcript and determined it satisfies the requirement. If you had only pass/fail or similar grading options during the spring 2020 term, please ensure that your high school transcript includes grades from other semesters, including fall 2019.

Important Note: Students are not required to submit standardized test scores for admission. When you apply, you will be required to choose the following when responding to the “Preferred testing plan” question:

“Yes, I want my test scores reviewed.” OR “ No, I don’t want my test scores reviewed.”

The decision to apply with or without test scores should be carefully thought through and is considered final. If an applicant has previously submitted test scores to Baylor but indicates on the application that they would not like their scores considered, test scores will not be viewed during application review. Students applying from secondary schools outside of the U.S. who apply without test scores have the option to complete an interview as part of the application process so that we may get to know you better. Learn more about our Test Optional policy.

SAT and ACT scores:

  • SELF-REPORTED: You may self-report your best test scores on your application for admission. We will use these scores when we review your file, so please make sure they are accurate and correct - entering false information, even by accident, could disqualify your application. If accepted, you will need to have the testing agency send your official scores to our office by May 1.
  • SUBMITTED FROM THE TESTING AGENCY: Test scores can be sent through the College Board or ACT student website. Baylor's SAT code is 6032, and Baylor's ACT code is 4062. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • SUBMITTED ON AN OFFICIAL HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT: We can accept test scores listed on an official high school transcript.

If you plan on submitting test scores as part of your application, please be aware of the latest possible test dates we will accept based on your admission plan:

  • Early Decision 1 and Early Action
    • SAT –  October 2
    • ACT –  September 11
  • Early Decision 2 and Regular Admission
    • SAT –  December 4
    • ACT –  December 11

Classic Learning Test (CLT) scores:

Homeschooled students may submit CLT scores in lieu of SAT or ACT scores.  All other applicants may submit CLT scores as an additional piece of academic information to be added to their application file. If you have taken the CLT and would like to submit your score to Baylor, please send your exam results via the CLT website.

PRO TIP: Send us all your test scores. We will combine your highest section scores from all test dates and review your best total score with your application.

To be considered for the maximum amount of financial aid, you must submit both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile. Both applications open annually on October 1 and should be submitted by the final deadline to be considered for the most available funds. 

  • Early Decision 1 and Early Action Priority Deadline: November 1*
  • Final Deadline to submit the CSS Profile for all Admission Plans: February 1

If you miss the final deadline, please submit an application as soon as possible to be considered for any remaining funds.

*If you are seeking a non-custodial parent waiver or do not need financial assistance, you will have the opportunity to fill out a waiver if accepted. These waivers do not need to be completed by the FAFSA/CSS Profile November 1 deadline.


Other steps might be required based on your individual circumstances. Check your goBAYLOR account to see if you need to submit any of these items. Some of the most common extra requirements include:

  • Early graduation: If you plan to graduate from high school in less than four academic years, please have your counselor submit documentation of this decision to Baylor. Early graduation statements can be emailed to admissions@baylor.edu.

These items allow us to get to know you better and can enhance your application file. Submit them through your goBAYLOR account after submitting your application for admission.

  • Résumé
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Short Answer Response (required for Early Decision applicants)
    • The response we ask for really is short — only about 450 words. The question we ask is: What are you looking for in a university, why do you want to attend Baylor, and how do you see yourself contributing to the Baylor community?.


Application materials can also be mailed to:

Undergraduate Admissions
One Bear Place #97056
Waco, TX 76798-7056

You may send materials separately, but clearly indicate your full name and date of birth on each item to help us match it to your application file.