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Six Dimensions of Wellness

The Department of Wellness offers programs and services related to these six areas of wellness

Emotional -

The emotional dimension of wellness is centered on the how a person and their emotions coexist. Managing, controlling, and recognizing our emotions are central to the emotional dimension of wellness.

Intellectual -

The intellectual dimension of wellness is focused on the mind. How do you think? How do you learn? What are effective ways for you to reflect and think about problems? A person who exhibits characteristics of intellectual wellness is engaged in learning about the world around them.

Occupational -

The occupational dimension of wellness is about how a person feels about their work. The satisfaction that you get from your work, recognizing your calling, and abilities are ways to fulfill the occupational dimension of wellness.

Physical -

The physical dimension of wellness is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Do you get enough physical activity? What type of foods do you eat and are they good for your body? How well do you take care of yourself when you are sick? Do you get enough sleep? These are all concerns of living a healthier physical lifestyle.

Social -

The social dimension of wellness is centered around having a healthy relationship between you and the society around you. Not only does it concern the society, but also the people in that society around you. An important measure of this is the connectedness between the environment and you.

Spiritual -

Finding meaning and a purpose in life is what the spiritual dimension of wellness is concentrated on. Our values and beliefs are determined by what that purpose is in our life, and also how we cope with challenges and victories also are shaped by the spiritual dimension.