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Custom Reports

NetTracker provides you with a large number of useful standard reports. Sometimes, however, you need to analyze your information in a way not available in a standard report. Fortunately, NetTracker enables you to create a variety of custom reports. Some custom reports might be needed for one-time use. Others you will want to save and have updated whenever the profile is updated (Saving of Custom Reports may be password protected so the report administrator will have to be notified of desired configuration to save as a custom report. Either way, you can email and archive the custom reports. There are several types of custom reports:

  • Customized standard reports
  • Reports created from templates
  • Crosstab reports
  • Trend reports
  • Path Summary from a specific page reports (Web profiles only)
  • Path Summary to a specific page reports (Web profiles only)

The instructions for creating the reports vary depending on the type. However, regardless of type, NetTracker displays the Report Summary page where you can edit, filter, run, save, and archive the custom report.

There are three ways to activate the Custom Report function.

  1. Click on the top Custom Tab. Custom Tab Graphic, Custom is second

  2. Click on the Filter Icon. Filter Button

  3. Custom Analysis in the Custom Report Listings