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Getting Started with NetTracker

Profile Selection

When you select a profile and click View Profile, you leave the Profile Manager and enter the profile.

The profile interface has four tabs:

Profile Interface Tabs

  • Reports tab to view the reports that contain this profile's data.
  • Custom tab to create custom reports that apply filters to this profile's data.
  • Archive tab to view archived reports. There are no archived reports to view at this time.
  • Options profile is not available

Profile Icons

The profile interface has nine icons in the upper-right-hand corner—(left to right) Update, Filter, Export, E-mail, Print, Previous Page, Top of Page, and Help.

Update Button  

Update change the profile with any new data in the log files and regenerates the reports.

Filter Button  

Filter opens the Custom Report Wizard so you can narrow the results displayed in the current report to a subset of the data, and is only available on the Reports tab.

Export Button  

Export displays the Export options dialog box so you use the content in a web page, word document, or excel file. Click here for more information.

Email Button  

Email displays the Email options dialog box so you can the report to a colleague or business associate. Click here for more information.

Print Button  

Print the Report

Previous Page Button  

Previous Page

Top of Page Button  

Top of Page

Help Button  

Help: Much of this information is already on the Web Log Traffic Report which has been written with the Baylor specifications in mind