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NetTracker Log File Analysis Software

NetTracker, a new web log file analysis software package Baylor has added to its growing list of web tools, offers web site administrators the ability to analyze both the usage and effectiveness of a web site via standard and custom reports. The reports let administrators know important information about visits to their site.
  • Know where web visitors are going
  • Most viewed pages
  • Length of visits
  • Paths used to get to site or specific pages
  • Identify web visitors.
  • Keywords entered to find a site
  • Find broken links and site errors.
  • Analyze the usage and users of your site through the NetTracker reports.
  • Determine effectiveness as a means for justifying the site's existence.
  • Improve the site navigation and usability.
  • Supply server traffic information to assist with security concerns.
  • Find broken links and site errors.

Although NetTracker is easy to use and offers a wealth of information via its standard reports, its real strength lies in giving users the ability to customize those standard reports and/or create custom reports specifically focused on analyzing a particular area of Baylor's web site. It is an incredible analytical tool for evaluating and improving an existing web site.

Due to the system resources necessary to run this system, access to the NetTracker system is by request only. If you have an express need, please contact Internet Services.

If you need access to NetTracker, please contact your Internet Services consultant. Once you have gone through Internet Services, you will go to http://nettracker.baylor.edu/NetTracker75/index.html and log in using your BearID and password.