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Academic Appeals Committee

In accordance with the University's Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure, the Academic Appeals Committee hears appeals and then seeks to find resolutions that are agreeable to all parties involved. If a resolution cannot be reached, the committee then makes a recommendation to the Executive Vice President and Provost.


2013-2014 Membership of the Academic Appeals Committee

Term Expires
School/College Represented
Started on Committee
McGlashan, Ann (chair)
2014 Arts & Sciences
Baldwin, Jane
2014 Business 2005
Harvill, Jane L.
Arts & Sciences
Bennett, Sandy
2015 Libraries 2012
Klausmeyer, Kevin
2014 Arts & Sciences
Beal, Ron
2015 Law School 2012
Purdum-Cassidy, Barbara
2016 Education
McKinney, Timothy R.
2016 Music 2010
Baylor student
Baylor student