Secondary Majors

Launched in fall 2011, secondary majors offer students the opportunity to earn one baccalaureate degree in one program supplemented by a rich intellectual experience in a second field of specialization outside that primary program. The “secondary major” offers the option of studying two subjects from two different programs while earning a baccalaureate degree in the first major without the requirement of earning a second baccalaureate degree in the secondary major.

Specifically, this option allows a student from one degree program to earn a secondary major from a participating department within a different program by fulfilling the requirements (normally 30–36 semester hours) set forth by that participating department but without requiring students to enroll in the additional courses that comprise that other program’s core curriculum. Through the secondary major option, upon graduation, a student earns one baccalaureate degree from Baylor (through the fulfillment of all requirements from the student’s home college or school). Although that student will not be awarded a second degree, the student’s transcript will reflect that he or she earned a secondary major in that second area of study.

Individual departments that wish to participate should design their secondary major requirements in a manner that is comparable with those of their major program while compensating, as appropriate, for the fact that students working toward a secondary major might not have fulfilled all of the core requirements of the department’s college or school. A department should consult with its school’s or college’s Curriculum Committee as it crafts the requirements for its secondary major keeping in mind the core requirements for the other baccalaureate programs. A department’s secondary major proposal will be approved through the normal channels within each school or college.

As an illustration, if an Accounting major from the Hankamer School of Business wishes to earn a secondary major in Mathematics, she will need to satisfy all of the requirements of both her Accounting major and the secondary major in Mathematics. She will then graduate with her class from the School of Business having earned a “BBA in Accounting.” Her transcript will note that she earned a “BBA in Accounting with a Secondary Major in Mathematics.”

Students still have the option to double major within a single baccalaureate degree program or invest the additional time required to earn a second baccalaureate degree, as currently described in the Baylor Undergraduate Catalog.

Interested students should consult with their “secondary” department as early in their undergraduate studies as possible to determine if a secondary major is available and to receive advising (if appropriate).

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