General Education Committee

The General Education Committee consists of representatives from every school/college that offers undergraduate degrees and programs at Baylor. The Committee produced the four general education outcomes below, which provide the foundation for all of Baylor's undergraduate degrees and programs. These outcomes also provide the university with a baseline of assessment and accountability for all undergraduate programs.

The General Education Committee oversees the process of assessment to determine the extent to which these four outcomes are being taught and learned. Where weaknesses in the general education curriculum are identified, the General Education Committee makes recommendations to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education as to how these weaknesses might be addressed.

The Four General Education Outcomes as Established by the General Education Committee

These outcomes represent the general qualities expected of all Baylor graduates:

Communication: Baylor graduates communicate effectively and clearly, both in writing and in speaking, in a manner appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience.

Critical Thinking: Baylor graduates are expected to be proficient in evaluating evidence, articulating arguments, justifying conclusions, and identifying and presenting multiple perspectives.

Leadership, Civic Engagement, and Service: Baylor graduates are able to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges of a global society with a commitment to social and civic responsibility and service among diverse communities.

Christian Perspective: Baylor graduates can demonstrate knowledge of the Christian scriptures and Christian heritage that enables participation in discourse from a Christian perspective.


2016-2017 Membership of the General Education Committee

Name Term Expires School/Department Represented Started on Committee
Alexander, Michael 2017 Music (Music Education) 2010
Benesh, Greg 2017 Arts & Sciences (Physics) 2016
Filgo, Ellen 2017 Libraries 2013
Henry, Doug 2017 Honors College (Great Texts) 2011
Huggins, James 2017 Arts & Sciences (Anthropology) 2014
Ryden, David 2017 Arts & Sciences (Mathematics) 2009
Beaty, Michael 2018 Arts & Sciences (Philosophy) 2011
Boerm, Michael 2018 Arts & Sciences (MLC) 2015
Booth, Bill 2018 Computer Science 2013
Hanks, Thomas 2018 Arts & Sciences (English) 2012
Petty, J. William 2018 Business (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) 2016
Suluk, Tracey 2018 Educational Psychology 2015
Clinton, W. David (Chair) 2019 Arts & Sciences (Political Science) 2009
DiLuzio, Meghan 2019 Arts & Sciences (Classics) 2016
Garrett, David 2019 Robbins College (Communication Science and Disorders) 2016
Killingsworth, Erin 2019 Nursing 2016
Pooler, David 2019 Social Work 2016
Solouki, Touradj 2019 Arts & Sciences (Chemistry) 2016
Null, Wesley ex officio Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Tolbert, Patricia ex officio Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Helm, Jonathan ex officio Registrar