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University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UUCC) consists of sixteen members, at least one of whom must come from the school/college curriculum committees of the following academic units: the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Engineering & Computer Science, the School of Music, the School of Nursing, the School of Social Work, and the Honors College. Two members of the UUCC must simultaneously serve on the curriculum committee of the College of Arts & Sciences.

The UUCC assists in the improvement of the undergraduate curriculum by providing the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education with recommendations concerning curriculum changes, serving as a mediator between curriculum committees at the school/college level, providing guidance to the school/college curriculum committees regarding the curriculum review process, and communicating undergraduate curriculum changes throughout the university.


2013-2014 Membership of the UUCC

Term Expires
School/College Represented
Appointment Type Began on Committee
Cronin, Vincent
2014 Arts & Sciences
Temp. One Year
Pittman, Coretta
2014 Arts & Sciences
Dean Appointee 2012
Varda, Scott
2014 Arts & Sciences
Dean Appointee 2013
Cooper, Marjorie 2014 Business Dean Appointee 2012
Schwarz, Gretchen
2014 Education
Dean Appointee 2011
Grabow, Paul 2014 Engin & Comp Science
Dean Appointee 2011
Harvey, Barry
2014 Honors College
Dean Appointee 2013
Best, Robert
2014 Music Dean Appointee 2013
Hightower, Marilyn
2014 Nursing Dean Appointee 2011
Harr, Cynthia
Social Work
Dean Appointee 2013
Edwards, Katie
2016 Arts & Sciences Committee Appointee 2013
Loa, Fred
2016 Arts & Sciences Committee Appointee 2013
Vitanza, Dianna 2015 Arts & Sciences Committee Appointee 2012
Hill, Jeanne
2015 Arts & Sciences
Committee Appointee
Jordan, Mary Ann 2014 Education Committee Appointee 2012
McKeown, Ramona 2014 Libraries Committee Appointee 2012
Jordan, Bill (chair)
2016 Engin & Comp Science
Committee Appointee
Null, Wesley (ex officio)
Provost's Office
Helm, Jonathan (ex officio)
Registrar's Office