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Invitation to Excellence Application

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Apply to Attend

Thank you for your interest in attending Invitation to Excellence. Applications must be submitted by Monday, December 8 by 9:00 a.m. CST. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not make travel arrangements at this point. You will receive an email December 12 notifying you whether you have been chosen or not.
  • Please review the additional steps you must take to be considered for this event.
Personal Information

Please include all numbers required to call from the U.S. (i.e. country code, city code).

About You

If you have taken the ACT, please provide your best scores for the English, Math, Reading, and Science sections.

If you have taken the SAT, please provide your best scores for the Math and Critical Reading sections.

Validation Statement

I certify that the information given in this application is true, correct and complete. I understand that the penalty for false, misrepresented or omitted information may be a revocation of scholarships and/or admission to Baylor University.

Event Details

If selected, you may bring up to two guests (usually parents).

Attendees will be seated with a faculty member at the dinner on Friday night. Please tell us what academic area you would be most interested in learning more about from a faculty member:

The Saturday afternoon breakout session is tied to the Faculty Scholarship component of Invitation to Excellence. Please choose two sessions based on your academic interests. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice; however, in the event that a session is full, we will give you your second choice.

  • The College of Arts & Sciences: "Code Red: Emergency Response to an Environmental Health Catastrophe in a Major U.S. City"

    A dirty bomb containing multiple chemical, biological and radioactive agents has been detonated in a metropolitan area - but the effects will likely be widespread into agricultural land and vital waterways as well. You are part of the team of science experts who must advise the president on how to respond - from enacting an initial medical/science action plan for injured citizens to developing strategies for long-term mitigation and restoration.

  • The Hankamer School of Business: "Invisible Hands - Predicting Human Actions"

    Economists claim there really is a hidden order behind every day human behaviors. This track reveals some of the market forces influencing our daily decision making. It is particularly useful for students interested in insights from economics, business, and related disciplines as a part of their undergraduate education, whether that education is based inside or outside the business school.

  • The School of Engineering & Computer Science: "Innovation, Technology, and The Future"

    New technologies have acted as the catalyst for a revolution in the way goods are produced and services delivered, leading to profound changes in the way people work, play, and communicate. Engineering, computer science, and bioinformatics research at Baylor will help determine the next technological breakthroughs. This interactive learning experience will be led by world-class faculty and current students.

  • The Honors College (Interdisciplinary - appropriate for all majors): "Sickness Unto Death? Violence, Evil, and Death in Film, Philosophy, and the Christian Tradition"

    Why is our culture, from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to Twilight, Inception, and The Book of Eli, so preoccupied with violence, evil, and death? What would Socrates make of our culture? Nietzsche? St. Paul? Augustine? Explore these timeless and timely questions and get a glimpse of how exciting a Baylor Honors College education can be.

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Second Choice