About Us

Welcome to the University Scholars Program's website. Baylor's University Scholars Program is designed for outstanding students who value liberal education, have a variety of interests, and would like, through literature, to engage issues that pertain to the heart and mind.

The University Scholars Program allows students to cultivate a broad base of learning. Scholars typically develop one or more intellectual foci, while also taking a variety of courses to round out their liberal education. Scholars have no distribution requirements per se, but the program does have its own unique features. Chief among these is the development and mastery of a reading list, consisting of various works of literature outside of the Scholar's course work. In the junior year, each University Scholar sits for an "exit interview" based on these texts. All Scholars write a senior thesis, as well.

In advisement sessions with a program director, the Scholar plans his or her individualized course of study, tailoring educational interests to create a portfolio that will meet long-term academic goals. There are also three University Scholars course sections, two taken in the freshman year and a third in the junior year, in which certain core texts are read.

The program is not an end in itself but rather a point of departure for intellectual inquiry and academic excellence. Scholars typically go on to graduate school, medical school, or law school. Many graduate as inductees of Phi Beta Kappa. Above all, Scholars develop the life of the mind.

We would encourage you to consider applying to the University Scholars Program. Please feel free to discuss the particulars of the program with a program director by telephone, via email or in person. If you are planning a campus visit, please contact Charmaine Dull via email or call (254) 710-3744 to set up an appointment. We would enjoy discussing in greater detail some of the features of our program and learning of your academic interests and aspirations.