Exit Interview

The Exit Interview (Fall of Junior Year)
Scholars demonstrate their knowledge of the texts on their reading list in an Exit Interview which generally lasts one hour. The interview committee, headed by a UNSC director, includes an outside faculty member and a senior University Scholar who has successfully completed the interview. Students select the outside faculty member and the senior University Scholar. Ideally, the student's thesis director should be the outside professor. A UNSC director will be assigned to lead and facilitate each interview. If the student's thesis director is also a UNSC director, that individual will conduct the interview and the student will secure a second professor to serve as the other faculty examiner.

University Scholars ordinarily complete their Exit Interview during the fall of junior year. Scholars requesting an extension submit an Exit Interview Extension Form (UNSC Form 403b) for approval.

Exit Interviews take place during three periods of the academic year:

  • First month of the semester for seniors (with approved Exit Interview extensions)
  • Second month of the semester for juniors (standard schedule)
  • Third month of the semester for juniors or seniors who did not pass the first attempt

Scholars must register for the interview (UNSC 3001) along with the other courses they will take during the semester in which they plan to do the interview. It is recommended that students schedule the interview for the spring in order to concentrate on their thesis in the fall.

How To Schedule an Exit Interview

Thesis Précis

Students are to come to the Exit Interview with a working title of the thesis and the name of their thesis director. Within 30 days of the Exit Interview, the student must submit a précis and outline with a timetable (1-2 pages) of the thesis to their thesis director, copied to the University Scholar's office. For the format of the précis, go to: Thesis Précis. Failure to submit a précis will result in the student not receiving credit for the Exit Interview.

If students have trouble determining:
a) whom to ask to be his or her thesis director; or
b) what questions/topic to write about; or
c) creating a timetable;
s/he should make an appointment with a UNSC adviser. DO NOT wait until day 29 after the Exit Interview to do this!

How To Achieve Success in the Exit Interview