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Degree Requirements

  • REL 1310 and REL 1350
  • Two semesters of Chapel
  • GTX 2301 (University Scholars section) in the fall of freshman year
  • GTX 2302 (University Scholars section) during the spring of freshman year
  • HON 3200 (Colloquium)in the fall or spring of sophomore year
  • UNSC 3301 (University Scholars capstone course) in the fall semester of the junior year**
  • HON 3101 (Advanced Reading & Research)in the fall or spring of junior year
  • UNSC 3001 (Exit Interview) during the spring of the junior year
  • HON 4V87 (Senior Thesis) during fall of the senior year
  • HON 4V87 (Senior Thesis) during spring of the senior year
  • Completion of at least 90 Baylor credit hours as a University Scholar
  • Completion of 124 hours including 36 hours of 3000-4000 level credits
  • N.B. A maximum of four courses of human performance and ten hours of applied music and/or ensemble may be included in the required 124 hours

* For BIC and Honors Program exemptions, see Section III of the Student Handbook.

** UNSC students must register for the UNSC section of the GTX courses (typically section U1). Students who enter the program after the fall of the freshman year should meet with a UNSC advisor to discuss how best to complete the UNSC required courses.