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"Adventures in Natural Frequency: Boom Whackers and Gravity Chimes" presented by Dan Bruton and Walter Trikosko, Stephen F. Austin State University.
Want some new classroom demonstrations? Want some hands-on classroom construction activities for your students? Want a reason to hit your students over the head with a pipe? If so, this may be the workshop for you! In this workshop we will construct musical instruments from plastic pipes and welding rods. We will color-code them for each musical note. Each participant will be able to make a set of boom whackers and gravity chimes that can be used at their schools as classroom demonstrations. Through these demos, students discover the connection between the size of an elastic body and its natural frequency, as well as, the connections between wavelength, frequency, harmonics, overtones, musical notes and pitch. Handouts with instructions and other ideas for classroom demonstrations will be provided.
Limited to 12 participants - 2 hours - Cost $20.00


"Project CLEA in the 21st Century: Observational Astronomy Simulations in the Instructional Laboratory" Dick Cooper, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
Though the value of hands-on learning has long been recognized by educators, it is difficult to design laboratories in astronomy classes that present realistic astrophysical techniques to undergraduate students. Since 1992, Project CLEA has been developing such computer-based exercises aimed primarily at the introductory astronomy laboratory. These exercises simulate important techniques of astronomical research using digital data and Windows-based software. Each of the 12 exercises developed to date consists of software, technical guides, and student manuals for each exercise. Two new labs will be demonstrated and handed out to all participants, along with all the current software and documentation. Project CLEA is supported by grants from Gettysburg College and the National Science Foundation.
Limited to 18 participants - 3 hours - Cost of $2.00


"Light Sources and Spectra" presented by Jim Crawford, Texas State University and Chuck Manka, Naval Research Lab, Washington, D.C.
Many different light sources surround us every day. The recent introduction of durable, compact, and relatively inexpensive spectrometers enables a continuum (pun intended) of experiments, investigations, and demonstrations for class and laboratory. Ocean Optics USB 2000 spectrometers will be used to examine the spectra of a number of different light sources. Participants are encouraged to bring a light source they would like to examine and a laptop PC if they have one.
Limited to 15 participants - 2 hours - Cost $2.00


"Bring Physics to Life" presented by Jeff Barrows, Pasco Scientific Company
Find out how probe ware can increase student understanding of complex physics concepts including Newton's Laws of Motion and the Law of Conservation of Energy. Using sensors, software and data loggers, you'll see how a comprehensive probe ware program can bring physics concepts to life in your classroom and allow students to reveal and understand science in a way not easily accomplished using more traditional methods.
Limited to 20 participants - 2 hours - Cost $2.00

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